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The product is manufactured according to international standards


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On the path of sustainable development

We defined our mission as ensuring customer satisfaction through the production of the highest quality products from top-grade raw materials and delivering orders fast and secure, via the best distribution channels

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Introducing Parsian Energy

Parsian Energy Company officially began its activities in the field of production and exports since 2014. With its headquarters established in Tehran and a factory located in Bandar Abbas, the company has become prominent as one of the leading producers and exporters of bitumen in the Middle East. Currently, Parsian Energy is focused on developing the necessary infrastructure to enhance its position in global markets. The company is committed to active participation in sustainable national development and adheres to principles of quality and social responsibility both in production and product delivery. At present, our company has the capacity to produce and supply various types of bitumen, including (40/50, 60/70, 80/100, 50/70) as well as (VG VG 10, VG 30, VG 40). These products are competitively priced and available in different packaging sizes, such as new steel drums (140 kg, 150 kg, 180 kg, 200 kg), or in flexies, jumbo, and bitutainer forms.

Our Standards

The Parsian Energy Group has demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction through obtaining international certifications, equipping its laboratories with modern devices, employing specialized and trained human resources, and anticipating necessary precautionary measures along this path

Distribution Optimizations

One of the main competitive advantages of Parsian Energy Group is the ability to load quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. This advantage is due to exclusive access to a dock with the capacity to load various types of vessels, as well as the ability to predict and establish the necessary facilities for packaging and shipping customized cargo. Therefore, we guarantee the interests of our business partners and consider ourselves responsible for providing them.

Compative Price

Through engineered processes and precise financial analyzes, Parsian Energy Group has managed to minimize its overhead costs. Additionally, by establishing exclusive access to primary suppliers and fully privatizing the supply-to-delivery process, we can offer the best prices while maintaining quality

More than a decade of successful exports.

Projects & Development

We are building a new full equipped factory, located in the bitumen specialized industrial park (as well as the main factory). This factory has 7 big storage tanks, a big drum square, 4 bitumen showers and 6 tanker discharging stands with total capacity of 22,000 MT. This project will be operational until June 2024.

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