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Bulk cargo transportation is one of the methods used for mass transport, where large quantities of goods are loaded onto specialized cargo ships without packaging. These cargo vessels are exclusively designed for this purpose. To facilitate the loading and unloading of such ships at origin and destination ports, facilities such as tanks, pipelines, and pumping stations have been installed. These facilities enable the loading and unloading processes. The minimum capacity of a bulk bitumen (asphalt) ship is 1000 tons, which can be increased up to 50,000 tons. Purchasing bulk goods usually translates to cost savings and contributes to environmental conservation by using fewer steel sheets, plastic bags, and wooden materials. Statistics show an increasing trend in this type of transportation. Parsian Energy Company directly exports a significant portion of its products via cargo ships.

  • Parsian Energy exclusive dock
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  • Environmental Protection
our private terminal in Shahid Rajaee quay in Bandar Abbas facilitated the delivery of the products to countries where access to international waters and made it possible for bulk vessels to berth straight to the jetty. We are proud to say that Parsian Energy has loaded the largest bitumen vessel with a capacity of 46,000 MT has ever entered Bandar Abbas port. Parsian Energy delivered bulk carriers to many countries such Kenya, UAE, Pakistan, Oman, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China and …

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